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Register for NO KNOCK List

  1. If you are the owner or lawful occupant of any residence in Azle, you may register the address for the NO KNOCK list by completing the form below. A valid email address is required to register; however, ONLY street addresses will appear on the NO KNOCK list published on this site. Email addresses are for verification ONLY and will not be used for any other purpose.

    Please note that registering your address for this list does not guarantee solicitors will not come to your door. This list is a service offered by the City of Azle in an attempt to prevent, or at least reduce, the number of solicitors who knock at your home. If you have registered for this list and have ongoing problems with solicitors knocking at your door, providing us with their name or business name would be helpful as we can contact them directly.

    The list will be updated on a monthly basis. Each registered address will remain on the list until such time as the owner or lawful occupant requests that it be removed.

    If you would like to remove your address, please email

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