Notices & New Development-Related Ordinances

Donation Bins

Azle City Council adopted Ord. No. 2023-17 on September 19, 2023. This ordinance pertains to the regulation of donation bins in the City of Azle.

Roadway System Impact Fee Study

Azle City Council adopted Ord. No. 2023-07 on June 20, 2023. This ordinance adopts the 2023 Roadway System Impact Fee Study, Land Use Assumptions, Roadway System Capital Improvements Plans, and the Roadway Impact Fee Rates.

Water and Sewer Impact Fees

Azle City Council adopted Ord. No. 2023-06 on March 21, 2023. This ordinance revised the water and sewer impact fees on new land development and redevelopment platted after 03/21/2023. New fees are as follows:

Water Sewer Impact Fee Chart adopted 03/21/2023

Minimum Lot Sizes & House Sizes for all SF (single-family) Zoning Districts

Azle City Council adopted Ord. No. 2022-18 effective August 2, 2022. This ordinance approved amendments to the minimum lot sizes and house sizes for all SF Zoning Districts.

Tree Preservation

City Council adopted Ord. No. 2021-15 on October 19, 2021. This ordinance affects the development process for all new residential and commercial developments in Azle.


All inspection requests are submitted directly through our permit review and inspection company, SAFEBuilt. Additional inspection information, including how to schedule an inspection, is available on our website.

Money in Lieu of Construction Ordinance

City Council adopted Ord. No. 2019-01 on February 5, 2019.