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In June 2017, Azle Police Dispatch Center was upgraded with enhanced software and equipment to support the use of SirenGPS mass communication and enhanced 911 software system. Many people are unaware that using a cellphone to call 911 will not provide emergency services with an accurate location of where you are. By downloading the free SirenGPS app to your cellphone, you have the ability to call 911 for any emergency where Police, Fire, or medical personnel are needed and Dispatch Services will be able to pinpoint your location to within 10 feet. Imagine being on a boat in the middle of Eagle Mountain Lake when a sudden emergency arises. By using the SirenGPS app, emergency personnel will know your precise location on the lake and be able to send help from Tarrant Regional Water District police services.

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The full area of operation for SirenGPS includes the Azle city limits, all of Eagle Mountain Lake, and the area covering the City of Keller.

SirenGPS also has the capability of sending you mass notifications in case of bad weather or other emergencies. These notifications will appear on your phone or computer via email, text message, automated call, or on Facebook….depending on your app settings.

By downloading the app, you have the option to input your own personal data which includes your home address, emergency contact, and any medical history or blood type a first responder might need.

To sign up, click the link below that corresponds to the type of cellphone you have, create an account and request to become a member of the “City of Azle, Texas” community. If your cellphone is not a smartphone, go to SirenGPS to sign up online.

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Apple App Store: SirenGPS Mobile

Android Play Store: SirenGPS Mobile