Exchange Zone

The Azle Police Department has created an “Exchange Zone,” to serve the needs of our citizens. The Exchange Zone is comprised of two clearly marked parking spaces located in the front of the Police Dept, 505 W. Main Street, Bldg 2. The Exchange Zone is a joint project of the Azle Police Department, Azle Street Department and Azle Parks Department.

The Exchange Zone is designated for two purposes. Designed primarily to provide a safe, secure public place for those who buy and sell online to make face-face exchanges. Additionally, citizens will be able to utilize the Exchange Zone for child custody transfers commonly associated with parental visitation and return.

There is no fee to use the Exchange Zone. The Exchange Zone may be used by citizens at any time of the day, every day of the week. However, citizens should remain aware of their surroundings at all times and follow a few simple rules to increase their safety.

1. Avoid going alone to make an exchange with a stranger

2. Let your family and/or friends know the time and place of your intended exchange and any information regarding the other person

3. Avoid giving strangers your personal information, including your address, SSN, etc.

4. Avoid exchanges at night if possible, even in the Exchange Zone.

5. Avoid remote or out of the way places for exchanges and be wary of persons who insist on secluded locations.

For more information on the Exchange Zone, please call the Azle Police Department at 817-444-3221.

Exchange Zone