Pet License

The City of Azle requires all dogs and cats, four months (16 weeks) of age and older, wear a current city license tag which must be renewed annually. These may be purchased at the Azle Animal Shelter with proof of a current rabies vaccination. City Code 2.02.001

Licensing is an important means of identification; it can help reunite you with your pet if it becomes lost. If your pet is lost, their license tag can be their “phone call home.” Please make sure your pet always wears the license tag on their collar. It also provides the pet's rabies vaccination status in the event they are involved in a biting incident.  

Fees are as follows:

  • $10 initial license tag for dog or cat
  • $5 for a renewal license tag each year thereafter
  • $5 duplicate license upon presentation of license receipt showing payment of current year’s fees

No license fee is required for a dog or cat that is used as:

  • Any police or sheriff's department dog in the line of duty