Audit Committee


The Audit Committee consists of six (6) members consisting of the Director of Finance as an Ex-Officio non-voting member, two (2) members of the City Council, two (2) residents of the City of Azle, familiar with accounting, auditing and financial reporting, and one (1) member appointed by the City Manager.

All members are appointed annually by a majority vote of the City Council, with the exception of the City Manger appointee.

The Audit Committee shall oversee the independent audit of the city’s financial statements; from the selection of the independent auditor to the resolution of audit findings.

The Audit Committee meets once per year.

Board Members


PositionCommittee MemberTerm Expiration Date
Place 1Rouel Rothenberger, Council Member10/31/2024
Place 2Paul Crabtree10/31/2024
Place 3Debbie Wheeler10/31/2024
Place 4Tony Haas10/31/2024
Place 5Randa Goode, Council Member10/31/2024

Staff LiaisonRenita Bishop, Finance Director