Garage Sale Permits

Whether it is spring cleaning or looking for that great bargain, garage sales are everywhere. Before you have your garage sale, make sure you comply with the City Ordinance (Chapter 4, Section 4.700) regulating these sales.

  • Obtain a permit from the City, 505 W. Main for $5.
  • ONE sign on your property is the ONLY sign allowed. All other signs are a violation of city code.
  • Signs may be posted 5 days prior to the garage sale and must be removed 24 hours after the last day of the garage sale.
  • Property owners may hold 2 garage sales per year.

The Code Enforcement Department collects and disposes of dozens of illegally placed garage sale signs. Many are posted and never retrieved by residents. The signs litter the right of way and neighborhoods where they are illegally placed. Citations will be issued for the violations.

If you have questions, please contact the Permit Clerk at 817-444-2541.