Erosion & Pollution Controls

Control measures such as silt fences, inlet protection, etc., must be working properly. Not all devices will work everywhere; you are responsible for cleaning and replacing any device as necessary. Inlet protection must be inspected regularly and cleaned when sediment has covered the fabric. Silt fences that have fallen or are damaged in any other way must be replaced immediately. Using only qualified personnel to install your control measures will save you troubles in the long run.

You are responsible for all the waste generated at your construction site. All waste must be placed in a trash container at all times. If your waste is deposited or blown into a creek or any other area outside your site, you are responsible for cleaning it immediately. Both on-site and off-site material storage areas and appropriate housekeeping practices must be included in your SWP3. If you are using a nearby lot for storage of materials, you are responsible for maintaining the sediment controls in that lot, even if the lot is not your own.

You should preserve existing vegetation when possible, and must stabilize any disturbed area where construction activity has temporarily or permanently ceased. The stabilization must take place within 14 days of the end of activities unless construction will resume within 21 days. You have several options to accomplish temporary stabilization including re-vegetation, sod stabilization, mulching, geotextile fabric and others. You must make sure that the method you are using is effective; stabilization is not the mere application of grass seed!

You are required to minimize off site vehicle tracking of sediments and the generation of dust, including those caused by your contractors and suppliers.

You (or other qualified personnel) are required to inspect the site and erosion and sediment controls at a frequency specified by the permit. The SWP3 must be modified based on the results of inspections.

The SWP3 is a LIVING DOCUMENT and it must reflect the changes in the site. Any modifications in the site must be documented in the SWP3.