SFU Storm Water Utility Fees

Single-Family Unit Storm Water Utility Fees

Storm water is rainfall that flows over our yards, streets, alleys, parking lots and buildings. While en route to Eagle Mountain Lake, storm water need not damage property if contained in ditches, gutters, storm sewers and other drains.

The fees collected are used for the specific purpose of managing storm water. The revenues will be specifically allocated and projects will no longer be funded through taxes.

For single family property, the square footage of the ground floor living area, LVAR, as determined by Tarrant Appraisal District data will be utilized to calculate the monthly fee. One Single Family Unit, is 1500 square feet .

The following entities or persons are exempted from the fee:

  • Persons 65 and over
  • Some political subdivisions
  • Unimproved land
  • Any land with a wholly sufficient and privately owned drainage system