Swimming Pools


  • All swimming pools are required to be enclosed by a security fence or wall at least four feet (4') high, with a self-closing and self-latching gate.
  • Set back is five feet (5') from property line to water's edge on an interior lot. No portion of the pool may be located within a dedicated easement.
  • P- trap is prohibited
  • Permanent fence will be installed with self-closing, self-latching gates, before the pool is plastered and filled with water. No double gates allowed.
  • Permanent fence minimum height is four feet (4') with no larger than four inch (4") gaps through or under the fence.
  • Site plan must be approved by utility company prior to submitting for a permit.
  • Need a 1-to-1 set back from building foundation (Example: set back is five feet (5') from property line to water' s edge on le: five feet (5') deep at edge closest to house must be at least five feet (5') from house).
  • Water from the backwashing of pools is to be drained to the street storm drain and not onto adjoining property. Pool water may not discharged onto adjacent properties.

Pool Shade Structures & Outdoor Kitchens

  • Structures such as a pool shade structures, patio covers, and outdoor kitchens are considered separate and shall be applied for separately from the pool permit. You can find more information about these types of structures under our Storage/Accessory Buildings webpage.
  • Setbacks vary depending upon whether the structure is attached to the residential structure. Please call (817) 444-2541 ext. 102 for more information.

Inspections Required

  • Gas line to heater, if a heater is installed
  • Pool Belly Steel and Bond
  • Deck Steel and Bond
  • Final Pool

No permit is required if the pool is less than twenty-four inches (24") deep. For more information on swimming pools or spas, contact (817) 444-2541 ext. 102.

Pool Permit Application

Please email all applications and forms to permits@cityofazle.org.