Storage/Accessory Buildings


  • Must have a site plan
  • 5-foot set back on side yards, 15-foot set back on street side of a corner lot or platted set back
  • 5-foot or easements at rear of property, whichever is greater
  • Must be at least 10 feet away from house
  • Wood foundation: all wood within 18 inches of ground must be pressure treated
  • Concrete foundation: foundation plans designed and sealed by a Texas-registered engineer for every foundation and/or footing, or any size
    addition to an existing post-tension foundation
  • Need proper headers over doors and windows
  • If 120 square feet or less, no permit is required, but all set backs are required
  • Need building drawing and foundation details
  • All electrical plugs must be GFI plugs

Inspections Required

  • Foundation
  • Final Building

Miscellaneous Permit Application

Please email all applications and forms to