Accessory Buildings

As defined in the City of Azle Code of Ordinances, an accessory building is a  subordinate building, excluding garages, having a use customarily incidental to the main structure. A structure housing an accessory use is considered part of the main structure and not an accessory building when it has any part of a wall in common with the main structure or is under an extension of the main roof and designed as part of the main structure.


What are types of accessory buildings?

A workshop, storage building, shed, greenhouse, gazebo, detached carport, pool house, outdoor kitchen, patio cover, and etc. are all types of accessory buildings.

Do I need a permit for an accessory building?

  • If the building is 120 square feet or less, no permit is required; however, all set backs listed below are still required.
  • If the building is more than 120 square feet, a permit is required.


  • Must have a site plan showing the location of the proposed accessory building in relation to the primary structure and the property lines.
  • Must not exceed 10 percent (10%) of total lot area.
  • Must not exceed the height of the primary structure.
  • Must have at least 5-foot set back on side yards (15-foot set back on the street side of a corner lot) or the set back identified in a recorded plat.
  • Must have at least 5-foot set back (or easements) on rear of property, whichever is greater.
  • No accessory building shall be located forward of the primary structure on the lot.
  • Must be at least 10 feet away from the primary structure.
  • Foundation:
    • If wood, then all wood within 18 inches of the ground must be pressure treated.
    • If concrete, then all  foundation plans must be designed and sealed by a Texas-registered engineer for every foundation and/or footing, or any size addition to an existing post-tension foundation.
    • Concrete blocks may be used for certain smaller accessory buildings.
  • Must submit building drawings/plans and foundation details.
  • Must have proper headers over doors and windows.
  • Must have all GFI plugs.
  • Mechanical equipment such as air conditioning compressors, swimming pool pumps and filters, and similar devices may be installed in the side yard at a maximum height of sixty (60) inches above the ground level of the graded lot.
  • In shopping areas in the Commercial and Central Business Districts, the maximum number of kiosks and/or vendors’ carts shall be one per 20,000 square feet of gross useable floor area of shopping area.
  • No accessory building shall be constructed or placed upon a lot until construction of the principal building has commenced and no accessory building shall be used or occupied until the principal building is completed and is being used or occupied, except that on properties greater than five acres, an accessory building related to an agriculture activity may be constructed without a primary building.

A detached garage is excluded from any accessory building maximum area restrictions, but shall be subject to the maximum lot coverage restrictions of the zoning district in which it is situated.

Inspections Required

  • Foundation
  • Various electrical, mechanical, and plumbing if these components are included with the accessory building
  • Final Building

Miscellaneous Permit Application

Please email all applications and forms to