Types of Building Inspections

Inspections are required after obtaining building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permits. For new construction, the "general” type and order of inspections are as follows:

  • T-pole
  • Underground plumbing
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electric underground
  • Framing Rough
  • Electric Rough
  • Plumbing Rough
  • Mechanical Rough
  • Plumbing Top Out
  • Meter Release
  • Driveway/Flatwork
  • Mechanical Final
  • Electric Final
  • Plumbing Final
  • Building Final

Schedule an Inspection

The City of Azle utilizes a third-party, SAFEbuilt, for plan review and inspections. Inspections must be requested by 4:00 pm for next business day service. 

Schedule by Email

Schedule by Phone



Please provide the following information to expedite the process:

  • Name of the contractor
  • Type of inspection
  • Permit number
  • Property address

After an inspection has been completed, a tag will be left on the premises stating whether the inspection was approved or disapproved. These tags are usually placed around the entry way.