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City of Azle
613 SE Parkway
Azle, TX 76020
Ph: (817) 444-2541
Fx: (817) 444-7149

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Address Registry

  1. If you are an owner or lawful occupant of any residence in Azle, you may register the address for either the NO KNOCK list or the SOLICITORS WELCOME list by completing the form below. A valid email address is required to register - only street addresses will appear on either the NO KNOCK list or the SOLICITORS WELCOME list published on this site. (Emails are for verification only and will not appear on either list.)

    Lists will be updated on a regular basis. Each registered address will remain on the respective list until such time as the resident requests that it be removed. To remove a residence from either list, send an email to with the request.

    *Note: When completing the fields below, if there is no "direction" component in an address, such as 100 North Main Street, please leave the direction field blank.

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