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City of Azle
613 SE Parkway
Azle, TX 76020
Ph: (817) 444-2541
Fx: (817) 444-7149

Animal Control

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1. Loud and Barking Dogs
2. Lost and Found Animals
3. Animal Bites

Citizen's Police Academy

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1. What is the purpose of a Citizen's Police Academy?
2. When are classes held, and how long to complete the course?
3. Why does the Azle Police Department host Citizen Police Academies?
4. How much does it cost me to attend the CPA?
5. Where did the concept originate?

Human Resources

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1. How do I apply?
2. Can I submit my application online?
3. Who do I contact with questions about the position?
4. Who do I contact to check the status of my application?
5. Do you maintain applications on file?
6. Do you accept unsolicited applications?

Municipal Court

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1. I just received a citation, what do I do?
2. What is deferred disposition?
3. Can I pay my citation online?
4. Can I have some time to pay out my citation?
5. Can I take care of my citation through the mail?
6. Will a Driver Safety Course benefit me?
7. I am not guilty, can I have a trial?
8. Will it cost me any more to have a trial?
9. My child received a citation, can it be kept off the record?


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1. How do I obtain an accident report?
2. Does the Police Department do fingerprinting?

Utility Billing

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1. Who do I call for questions about my utility bill?
2. Who do I contact for issues regarding my garbage collection?